Monday, 15 February 2010

My daughter Chizzlebom

Well, Here i go.

Chase a.k.a Chizzlebom is my fifteen year old daughter, chase has been blogging now for a few months, she has been talking about her life her school and her work. Chase is also a daddy's girl.

Chase has always been a bright young thing, at the age of four chase came home from nursery saying "Dad, do you know what a blurb is".........well i didn't, so she told me, "A blurb is a short summary of words on the back of a book" my, didn't i feel stupid.

So, fast forward eleven years.

Chase is looking at the summit of a great precipice. (yeah google that one)

Now, as a father and parent, I'm having to apply pressure to Chase regarding her G.C.S.E. exams, this manifests it's self as every single day of every week finishing off coursework, revision, and working until she cannot keep her eyes open.

I did not want to do this but she did say "it's all fine dad". then we had parents evening, oh dear god i thought whilst burning a hole through her head with my "your fucked when we get home" eyes.

We got home and after composing myself and telling Nadine my wife what the teachers had said we called in Chase for the 265 time and sat her down for the talk of a lifetime, and for the umpteenth time asked her what the fuck was going on with her school work and how it was that her work was dire or not done at all........A long silent period ensued along with sad eyes and a very very sad face.

Chase knew that judgement day had arrived and had come to kick her in the crotch with all it's might. Hey people, it's not like we haven't supported chase with, Books, folders, paper, P.C.s pens, pencils, and our time, input and encouragement.

Four months to go, four months to get it done, four months to be able to say she has tried her best, i would rather not have had to do it this way, i worry that I'm pushing a little too hard, i know emotionally and socially Chase has had a ton of things going around in her head which i totally understand but, i finally think she is getting to grips with what she has to do, we had a chat tonight, i said to chase "you do realise that as long as you do your best the result are inconsequential " (google this one) it really doesn't matter, its not going change what will be, and what ever the future holds, all i need to know is that we gave her every opportunity to do her best.......i just hope she takes it.