Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summers here...!

Hi guys, sorry I've not blogged for ages, i wanted to but i was fed up with them reading like a sad and depressing samaritans book, any how, this is what has happened to me over the last three months. Believe me when i say this next bit because it might sound ridiculous, for a few years now i have been wanting to get fit again and slim down to a healthy more manageable weight, i have tried but as usual i did well for a while then it would crash down for one reason or another, we have all been there with our addictions be it food drink or smoking, well after i had a problem with my reading glasses i went to the opticians and he referred me to the doctors  because my prescription had changed so much , so off i went to the docs and he did a urine test and asked me if i was okay with a shocked look on his face, he then explained that my keytones in my wee were very high (20+)  and a blood sugar levels at 29 and that i had diabetes and i should have insulin and metformin tablets right away, i refused insulin and said i would get my blood sugar levels down through exercise and diet, the doc protested and was worried, i said if in two weeks they had not changed then i would take the insulin as he wished, now as i said above this next bit might sound a bit ridiculous but if there was ever a time to get diabetes then this was it, i was ready for a lifestyle change and a fight, i was given literature and started reading information on diabetes and sure  enough, two weeks later i managed with the help of the tablets exercise and diet got my keytones down and my blood sugar to 10 and as i write this ten weeks since i was diagnosed i have lost two and a half stone and levelled my blood sugar to around the 5 mark, i have more energy and motivation and taken up my weight training again as well as an hour of brisk walking every morning. i took getting diabetes on the chin, Nade on the other hand was not as positive as me as her dad had ultimately died from the disease and was worried sick.
But alas, things are looking up and brighter.
It's been a year since mum died and we are having a family get together and although it will be hard we are going to give mum a bit of a party with food drink and some Chinese lanterns.
I need to share this with you, just as i wrote that paragraph above i had my media player on random and on came hey jude by the beatles, now this song was the song we sang to mum while she was ill and passing away, because it matched the beeping of the obs machine next to the bed, she loved us singing that tune to her mum could hum it if she was too weak.
So fuck it, its gona be a full on party now, one that will make mum proud...! miss you mum....x

much love my friends xxx