Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hello life

It's been a while since i last posted, one of the reasons for this is the P.C. does not go on too much these days and to say the comment box is empty would be an understatement, so the motivation to post dries up quite quickly.

So im well up on current affairs at the moment and i have decided that all the political parties lie so much they think we really do believe them, i think all mp's and ministers are deluded to the point of distraction.

They can only fool themselves for so long, hang on, try this for size, if we submerge our lives neck deep in technology and media tech devices then we become passive and unconcerned with the flow of lies and corruption that spews from the government and its mouthpiece newspapers all of most of whom work for one man Rupert Merdoch  who has had dinner with Cameron on many occasions. Danger Danger.....!
on a more light hearted note, i played football this afternoon with Brodie and to be honest every single muscle aches right now,  even typing hurts....!
if i get a few comments i will carry on posting.
Much love  x

Monday, 10 January 2011

Making a difference?

So a week has gone by with no facebook and to be honest it's not been too bad, Firstly my passion for knowledge has gone up considerably and the in depth conversations  I have with Nade and the kids has increased, and to top it off we have received a few E-mails to say thank you because we inspired others to limit the time they are on facebook or stop using facebook all together and use the time for more creative or meaningful activities.
I have been on my bike this week and to be frank the seat is best described as cock numbing ball breaker that makes the whole genital area seem like its under general anaesthetic , but still, it's exercise......!
Salad three times a day with a cranberry juice chaser, it certainly keeps me regular and I seem to be loosing some of the festive excess that made It's way to my waste.
My father brought me a book titled The winter of disconnect, It's about a family that disconnects from all forms of technology for six months and what effect it had on there lives, Nade and the kids are terrified that I might do the same thing......hmmmm to be honest I would love to but I seriously think I would have a bucket load of trouble making It's way swiftly in my direction.
Oh one thing, Chase my daughter had her bike stolen from college, and the first thing I thought of was to put a photo of the bike on our facebook and offer a reward, but only Brodie has an account now so he did it for us, all we got back was LOL and yeah its in my back garden Brodie...TWATS
Much love X

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sponge bob

Hello and welcome to a world with no facebook, as the title says sponge bob, I need to tell you It's still as awesome as when I first watched it, the rain has been non stop down here, that and most of our friends have tonsillitis flu or colds so were stuck in the house.
The T.V. has been on today and flicking through our listing I saw sponge bob, it made me laugh out loud, I do find trying to write without abbreviating quite an odd thing now, LOL, PMSL, BRB, LMAO, GTG....all gone out of the window, I was listening to radio 5 a while back and an employer was talking about how they gave training places to 100 young school leavers, out of the 500+ applicants over a quarter used Abbreviation Text style and were discarded, apparently over 30 of them failed to know the difference in their surname and Christian name, with respect to this I think facebook does not help and pull my kids up about using text Abbreviation quite a lot..... all I can say is thank goodness for spell checker.
So Nade and I are talking more, and when I say talking I mean politics, government, religion cricket and football, so all is good there, although Nade is being very accommodating I do think I should maybe talk about some of the things she is interested in, truth is I don't know but look forward to finding out.
that's all for now folks, the cricket is on and we want to watch England win the ashes in style.

Go Sponge Bob...!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Well it's gone, I have deactivated my facebook account. Lets see how we get on with our new found freedom, although Nadine and I have a difference of opinion about the content of this blog it has already thrown up more conversation on the subject than I could ever imagine. 
Maybe It's the very first thing that is different in our lives, by not having a facebook account we finally agree to disagree about something.

I love you Nade.....x

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


So, with only 1 1/2 to go before I shut down my facebook account down I'm getting a sense of trepidation. Every time I have been on it today I'm thinking 'Hum, this is my last day on facebook for a good while', I'm going to miss all the bullshit, funny jokes and photographs of my friends doing stuff with their lives, but I am very much looking forward to challenging myself and I know Nadine feels the same.
I'm also looking forward to improving my grammar and spelling (Which I was really bad at when I was young)
See you all on the flip side folks.

Life without facebook.

So, having had a discussion tonight about facebook with my teenage kid’s and how I thought that the addiction to it was going to dumb down their generation I would be a hypocrite not to take my own advice.
 As from midnight 5th of January 2011 I will be deactivating my account with facebook and attempt to get a life where I really do laugh out loud and not lol.
Our addiction to facebook has made being bored waste our precious time on this planet. So now we are on a new journey to find out if we can rid ourselves of this addiction and find some new more interesting ones that enrich our lives and those of others.
Now, I don’t mean to sound condescending, but I can see in my kids how socially retarded they are and how this is happening to me as well.
I say people are more interesting than their profiles.
 I say you’re more beautiful than your facebook picture.    
I say lets meet and drink tea and the social interaction of us meeting would be greater than me knowing what colour socks your wearing or if your cat has been sick on the rabbit.
This is basically an experiment to see how we cope without facebook and what challenges arise from it and how and if it changes us mentally, socially, even spiritually.
I’m going to write about our progress as much as possible and try and give you an insightful and informative Blog in to the inner working of a facebook addict. Anyone wishing my Blog address or E-mail please ask.
Bye for now.