Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hello life

It's been a while since i last posted, one of the reasons for this is the P.C. does not go on too much these days and to say the comment box is empty would be an understatement, so the motivation to post dries up quite quickly.

So im well up on current affairs at the moment and i have decided that all the political parties lie so much they think we really do believe them, i think all mp's and ministers are deluded to the point of distraction.

They can only fool themselves for so long, hang on, try this for size, if we submerge our lives neck deep in technology and media tech devices then we become passive and unconcerned with the flow of lies and corruption that spews from the government and its mouthpiece newspapers all of most of whom work for one man Rupert Merdoch  who has had dinner with Cameron on many occasions. Danger Danger.....!
on a more light hearted note, i played football this afternoon with Brodie and to be honest every single muscle aches right now,  even typing hurts....!
if i get a few comments i will carry on posting.
Much love  x


  1. well i know i havent posted babes but i do read them ... miss you guys loads xxx

  2. Thanks hun, we miss you guys too...x

  3. well i apologise for not having sorted this out sooner - but i have been checking in everynow and again to see what you have all been getting upto.

    yeh i guess ur right regarding the politicians!

  4. you make some good points :)
    keep posting! x

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