Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Nade and i are working for my sister Elaine, being her media communications managers, what this entails is keeping her website ibecame.org.uk, twitter, facebook, and likedin all up to date and running smoothly. Nade has taken to it like a duck to water and is busy adding like minded groups and people.
What Elaine teaches is M.B.S.R. Mindfulness based stress reduction. what's ibecame you my ask well its
When you’re stressed, how do you cope? Bottle it up until you pop? Scream, shout? Get an angry, closed moody mind-set?
Stress, anxiety and worry = pain, anger and sadness.
Mindfulness = new & creative solutions to dealing with the old cycles of stress. That's me for tonight, night fellow friends...x

Friday, 8 April 2011

Growing food yum yum

We have planted Iceberg lettuce, Rocket, Radish, Spring onion, Red tomatoes, Golden tomatoes, Peppers, Chilli's and some bedding plants that's nades department.
The sun is hot and we are going down to the beach a lot, the photo is where we are going to launch out boat from on lee slip way, behind us in the photo  is the hovercraft museum, it has the massive princess Margaret hovercraft it very impressive and imposing.
much love fellow humans. 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy mothers day mum.

So it's mothers day, and i wrote my mum a letter saying how much i missed her, then folded the letter and tied it to a rose, we popped to the beach, i wanted to throw it in to the sea but because i had been avoiding doing it all day the tide was on its way back in, so not to have it wash back up on shore i found what looked like a prehistoric pimp stick and tied it to that.
i said a few more words of remembrance then with these words..... "A leg and a wing to see the king a1 bum bum a2 bum bum and a jolly good 3"....  and as graciously as possible lobbed it in to the Solent, we all smiled giggled and cried, miss you mum, have a great mothers day....xxx