Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy mothers day mum.

So it's mothers day, and i wrote my mum a letter saying how much i missed her, then folded the letter and tied it to a rose, we popped to the beach, i wanted to throw it in to the sea but because i had been avoiding doing it all day the tide was on its way back in, so not to have it wash back up on shore i found what looked like a prehistoric pimp stick and tied it to that.
i said a few more words of remembrance then with these words..... "A leg and a wing to see the king a1 bum bum a2 bum bum and a jolly good 3"....  and as graciously as possible lobbed it in to the Solent, we all smiled giggled and cried, miss you mum, have a great mothers


  1. what a mothering sunday i have had plenty of tears and laughter, has been a beautiful day all round , so thank you colin , chase and brodie for all the effort you have put in love you all xxx

    this was beautiful what we did for mom babes ment so much , i know you was struggling this morning and i knew why just needed you to realize , but you soon did after brodie had said we said some beautiful words to mom and cryed down the beach and what we did omg she would have laughed hahahahah cause we sure did ... love you so much mom and yes today has been tough without you it hasnt been the same , but you are still in our hearts and in our thoughs , love you always xxx

  2. i can't say that i understand what you're feeling, because i really don't. i don't know what it feels like. i just know that both of you are SO brave for dealing with a situation like this and i look up to you both so much. i can see the strength it takes to hold your self together at times like this and you both have a lot of it. it's good that we've all had a cry and got our emotions out as i know it's not good to keep them bottled in.
    we had a bumpy start but the day has ended beautifully. i bet nan's had a nice mothers day and i'm sure that she loved her present.
    Love you so much. x x x x