Friday, 25 March 2011

Don't forget the clock goes forward

Ohhhh i have my summer head on, shorts on top off getting sum tannage on my body, getting the garden in some ship shape form ready for the BBq's and parties.
Strong bow are going to make some money out of me this year, thing are going quite well nade is bearing up and being strong and looking forward to the summer.
well that's about it right now, sending love to everyone out there in quiet

Monday, 21 March 2011

Difficult time's in sunshine

There it is, the sun, hiding away for all those months, and now we bask in it's warmth and brightness, smiling faces retuning from the gloom of winter, as we sow the seeds of happiness and fulfilment that awaits the ever increasing daylight which courses through our hearts.
I don't mean for this to be a doom or gloom blog but my mate's dog Tess has just died aged six, now they are all very upset as am i, but, from a pure selfish point of view, will every one be they pet, plant or person please not fucking die for the next two years, i have had enough of death and all his connotations, i wish to be joyful, happy and content just for a while, before the next shit lorry comes and parks another load of sadness on my doorstep ...! 
Live in peace my brothers and sisters xxx

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring brings new life to us all

Spring is upon us and early last week we  started potting some seeds, this was in some degree to show Nade that new life starts and new beginnings come to us all.
So on Wednesday when we left for the long journey to Birmingham for nades dads funeral the seeds just sat there, then, when we made it back the green shoots of life appeared. i think the  poignancy of this is lost on nade but is very profound on me.
The sun is starting to make an appearance which all ways bring good cheer to our faces, My sister Elaine gave me a gift of my first poetry book by Don Paterson its a collection of small poems (thank goodness) and fantasic by all accounts. here is one. After a long period of reflection, he decided that he was in fact right yet again. great book thanks sis.
I hear time and time again that friends and family are getting off facebook and doing something productive and its music to my ears.
I'm not a praying man, I'm not affiliated with any religion, but i prayed for those poor people in Japan. 
Much love and peace xx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Nades dad

Unfortunately Nades dad passed away after a long illness at 5.55pm on Monday the 28th of Feb. Nades in Brum sorting stuff out and with her family at this very sad time, I'm back down south as I'm not ready to face it all again since my mum passed just a short time ago, Nade doing OK, I do pop up and see her for a few hours now and then and on Saturday I stayed the night for some cuddles.
Nadine should be back in a few weeks, I do hope so because im enjoy the whole bed to myself and feel guilty.... much love friends