Monday, 21 March 2011

Difficult time's in sunshine

There it is, the sun, hiding away for all those months, and now we bask in it's warmth and brightness, smiling faces retuning from the gloom of winter, as we sow the seeds of happiness and fulfilment that awaits the ever increasing daylight which courses through our hearts.
I don't mean for this to be a doom or gloom blog but my mate's dog Tess has just died aged six, now they are all very upset as am i, but, from a pure selfish point of view, will every one be they pet, plant or person please not fucking die for the next two years, i have had enough of death and all his connotations, i wish to be joyful, happy and content just for a while, before the next shit lorry comes and parks another load of sadness on my doorstep ...! 
Live in peace my brothers and sisters xxx

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  1. you ain't half got a point dad. :P