Monday, 7 March 2011

Nades dad

Unfortunately Nades dad passed away after a long illness at 5.55pm on Monday the 28th of Feb. Nades in Brum sorting stuff out and with her family at this very sad time, I'm back down south as I'm not ready to face it all again since my mum passed just a short time ago, Nade doing OK, I do pop up and see her for a few hours now and then and on Saturday I stayed the night for some cuddles.
Nadine should be back in a few weeks, I do hope so because im enjoy the whole bed to myself and feel guilty.... much love friends


  1. Aw Col!

    I am so so sorry to hear! Please pass my thoughts onto nade!

    i hope you're all ok and i can understand why youre doing what youre doing!

    Miss you two!