Sunday, 27 February 2011

A few jokes

Who named Trojan condoms?

The Trojan horse entered through the city gates, broke open and loads of little guys came out and fucked everyone's day up.

Doesn't fill me with confidence. 

A wife asks her husband, a software engineer; "Could you please go shopping for me and buy one carton of milk, and if they have eggs, get six!"
A short time later the husband comes back with six cartons of milk.
The wife asks him, "Why the hell did you buy six cartons of milk?"
He replied, "They had eggs." 

Stay happy friends....x


  1. I've missed your jokes Col! Made me have a good ol giggle!

    How are you doing? Things well with the Col/nade household?

  2. nades dad passed away on the 28th of April so she sorting that up in Brum, other than that we are quite good thanks Adam, hope you guys are well.