Wednesday, 9 February 2011

No Facebook No Problem

Well it's been a fair few weeks now that i have been clean, (off Facebook) and i have to tell you it has been a very good journey.
My relationship with my teenage crash cart kids has been better, maybe because i can see tensions building and can nip it in the bud before it blows into a cataclysmic shit storm, as before i would have been too preoccupied with Facebook to have noticed or cared.
One of chases friends has written to her and told her that this blog has influenced her to cut down the time that she spends on Facebook and start to interact with other people and hopefully make her more confident in the big wide world!
When i started this blog nade and i had a disagreement about this blog and i said "if i only get one person to look at the harm that Facebook causes and they change their online habits and interact with other humans then i will be happy".
Nades going through a tough time at the moment as her father is seriously ill and is staying in Birmingham with her family. 
until next time fellow humans. x


  1. hehe - like the "been clean" - its funny that you do feel like that after a while.

    Actually thats fantastic news that you're getting on better with your kids. Maybe everyone should be taking a leaf and reduce their time on facebook and i include myself too!

    I hope nade i sok matey - tell he ri am thinking of her! Speak ya soon matey!

  2. Cheers Adam mate. i will let her know.

  3. hows things? hope nade's dad is ok