Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Life without facebook.

So, having had a discussion tonight about facebook with my teenage kid’s and how I thought that the addiction to it was going to dumb down their generation I would be a hypocrite not to take my own advice.
 As from midnight 5th of January 2011 I will be deactivating my account with facebook and attempt to get a life where I really do laugh out loud and not lol.
Our addiction to facebook has made being bored waste our precious time on this planet. So now we are on a new journey to find out if we can rid ourselves of this addiction and find some new more interesting ones that enrich our lives and those of others.
Now, I don’t mean to sound condescending, but I can see in my kids how socially retarded they are and how this is happening to me as well.
I say people are more interesting than their profiles.
 I say you’re more beautiful than your facebook picture.    
I say lets meet and drink tea and the social interaction of us meeting would be greater than me knowing what colour socks your wearing or if your cat has been sick on the rabbit.
This is basically an experiment to see how we cope without facebook and what challenges arise from it and how and if it changes us mentally, socially, even spiritually.
I’m going to write about our progress as much as possible and try and give you an insightful and informative Blog in to the inner working of a facebook addict. Anyone wishing my Blog address or E-mail please ask.
Bye for now.

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  1. Im so looking forward to this challenge... so had enough on facebook, we need a life babes hahha real people , bring it on .... ohh i could crush a grape :) x