Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sponge bob

Hello and welcome to a world with no facebook, as the title says sponge bob, I need to tell you It's still as awesome as when I first watched it, the rain has been non stop down here, that and most of our friends have tonsillitis flu or colds so were stuck in the house.
The T.V. has been on today and flicking through our listing I saw sponge bob, it made me laugh out loud, I do find trying to write without abbreviating quite an odd thing now, LOL, PMSL, BRB, LMAO, GTG....all gone out of the window, I was listening to radio 5 a while back and an employer was talking about how they gave training places to 100 young school leavers, out of the 500+ applicants over a quarter used Abbreviation Text style and were discarded, apparently over 30 of them failed to know the difference in their surname and Christian name, with respect to this I think facebook does not help and pull my kids up about using text Abbreviation quite a lot..... all I can say is thank goodness for spell checker.
So Nade and I are talking more, and when I say talking I mean politics, government, religion cricket and football, so all is good there, although Nade is being very accommodating I do think I should maybe talk about some of the things she is interested in, truth is I don't know but look forward to finding out.
that's all for now folks, the cricket is on and we want to watch England win the ashes in style.

Go Sponge Bob...!

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