Monday, 10 January 2011

Making a difference?

So a week has gone by with no facebook and to be honest it's not been too bad, Firstly my passion for knowledge has gone up considerably and the in depth conversations  I have with Nade and the kids has increased, and to top it off we have received a few E-mails to say thank you because we inspired others to limit the time they are on facebook or stop using facebook all together and use the time for more creative or meaningful activities.
I have been on my bike this week and to be frank the seat is best described as cock numbing ball breaker that makes the whole genital area seem like its under general anaesthetic , but still, it's exercise......!
Salad three times a day with a cranberry juice chaser, it certainly keeps me regular and I seem to be loosing some of the festive excess that made It's way to my waste.
My father brought me a book titled The winter of disconnect, It's about a family that disconnects from all forms of technology for six months and what effect it had on there lives, Nade and the kids are terrified that I might do the same thing......hmmmm to be honest I would love to but I seriously think I would have a bucket load of trouble making It's way swiftly in my direction.
Oh one thing, Chase my daughter had her bike stolen from college, and the first thing I thought of was to put a photo of the bike on our facebook and offer a reward, but only Brodie has an account now so he did it for us, all we got back was LOL and yeah its in my back garden Brodie...TWATS
Much love X

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